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Just Please Don’t Kiss Your Cousin…

New York based creative and media agency, Walrus, is giving city dwellers a dose of raw humor to help kick off Wine Week. The shop has launched an OOH campaign on behalf of restaurant group, Quality Branded, to remind people that boozy lunches are totally acceptable, especially when compared to a handful of other “activities” certain people choose to engage in. The provocative ads will run for the next two weeks to promote Wine Week for restaurants, Smith & Wollensky, Maloney & Porcelli, Park Avenue, Quality Meats and Quality Italian – all part of the Quality Branded portfolio.

Walrus’s Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Deacon Webster, expects the work will raise a few eyebrows. “When you’ve got a program that encourages people to consume 10 wine samples at lunch, you run the risk of some (boring) people looking down their nose at it. Instead of running from this reality, we decided to double down. We are bracing ourselves for the response.”

Quality Branded is no stranger to crafty OOH campaigns. Earlier this year to promote famed steakhouse Smith & Wollensky, Walrus did a media takeover of 62 New York City kiosks previously occupied by neighboring competitor, Del Friscos, drawing the attention to its own restaurant in what they called a “public service to steak lovers.”

Well done, Quality Branded (though personally I prefer medium-rare.)



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