by / March 21, 2019 /

    Uber Eats, the official delivery partner of March Madness/NCAA, launches its first national advertising this week, a slam-dunk that coincides with the tournament and was created in collaboration with its ad agency Anomaly LA. The centerpiece of the LET'S EATS campaign launches today, a long-form digital film featuring on-the-road exploits of Randy Watkins, an Uber Eats delivery-man slash street sage. When M[Read More]

  • Lord Danger + Mike Diva Attack Life’s Doldrums in “Devil May Cry 5”

    by / March 12, 2019 /

    Trapped in a mind-numbing hellscape of suburban apathy? Thanks to the imagination of Lord Danger’s Mike Diva, we now know that Devil May Cry 5 is the cure. The trailer announces the availability of the highly anticipated installment of Capcom's wildly successful action series - evoking the dreary tone of an anti-depressant ad before evolving into a game-infused mega-fantasy. Neighbors use swords to trim hedges, the immaculate dinner host throws down[Read More]

  • Culprit Creates Apple Ad to Sell… Undergarments?

    by / March 12, 2019 /

    Culprit Creative celebrated April Fool’s Day a month early to launch its new underwear brand

    The L.A. ad agency/production shop, which has a bit of a prankster reputation, broke its teaser campaign online in early March. The creative is a modern homage to the original iPod ads with silhouettes of people dancing as cool tunes play and lines radiate off their bodies to illustrate the music’s energy. In fact, the two ads a[Read More]

  • Weirdly Wonderful National Association of Realtors Campaign from Arnold Boston

    by / August 17, 2018 /

    Here's new work just breaking for the National Association of Realtors out of Arnold Boston. It's a series of absurdist little art films on the quirks and peculiarities of real estate shoppers. No matter how strange your house hunting idiosyncrasy, your Realtor will understand. As you'll see, it's an agency and client who embraced a pretty unusual voice and sensibility. Agency: Arnold Boston. Directors: The Perlorian Brothers. Production Company: MJZ.

    [Read More]