• Full 'Man of Steel' Trailer Takes Flight.

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    The Christopher Nolan-produced and Zack Snyder-directed reboot lands in theaters June 14.

  • The Walking Dead + Love Actually? Yes, Please.

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    Yeah, it took us long enough to realize English actor Andrew LincolnThe Walking Dead's Rick Grimes –

    ...Also played Mark, of unrequited love and cue cards fame in 2003's Love Actually

    But what's important is that it got us thinking about how cool a Walking Dead and Love Actually mashup could be – on film, of course (Keira Knightley in zombie makeup maybe? We're looking at you, SNL... Do it.) But for now, we'll have to settle for the mashup in t-shirt form:

    You can get the perfect Christmas gift for that special Walking Dead/Love Actually fan in your life right here.

  • 'Trotify' Makes Your Bike Sound Like a Galloping Steed.

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    At last, a solution for the cyclist yearning to sound like an equestrian...

    Yep. Can't wait to hear these things around town now. It's only a matter of time...

    You can get yours here. Yay.


  • NFL Play 60: Cam Newton vs. Nate

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    Sometimes, all it takes is great casting and good dialogue...

  • Twitter Thursday: All About 'Moving to Canada'

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    You know that Election Day tradition of threatening to move to Canada if one's presidential candidate of choice doesn't win? Well, here are some choice tweets dealing with just that:

    Want more? Check 'em out here.

  • Introducing The Brooklyn Nets.

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    The :45 film debuted on 12 in-arena screens and projected on the court before player introductions at Nets season opener on November 3, and will be shown at home games throughout the season and used in other promotional capacities.

    The Famous Group, who have worked with the Nets since 1997, developed the theme “Arrival in Brooklyn.” The film adheres to the Nets‘ iconic black & white branding. The film’s feel is reflected in the score, an original hip-hop track composed and performed by former Fugees collaborator John Forté, entitled “Brooklyn.”

    “We wanted an idea that was as big and grand as the Barclays Center, and fresh and cool as Brooklyn,” said Andrew Isaacson, executive producer, The Famous Group. “This film captures that attitude.”

    Um, Celtics, take note...?


  • For America, From Sufjan Stevens.

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    Sufjan Stevens posted this rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" online yesterday evening. We can't stop listening to it in the office today...


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