• That Rolling Stone Cover: Worth the Trouble?

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    So, as you know, Rolling Stone magazine broke the internet by publishing this cover for their August issue, and inciting some strong reaction from folks who care:

    We are all for freedom of the press and freedom of speech here at the Egotist. But more than anything, we are big supporters of the heroes, victims and survivors of that fateful in April. So is the controversy caused by this cover worth the trouble? Or the coverage and attention it's been getting? Or the energy people have been spending to contemplate, react and then voice their violent disapproval of it?

    Is this another case of sensationalism trumping journalism? Was it on purpose? Did RS expect the backlash?

    In any case, we wanted to feature one of those responses to the magazine cover; it is particularly articulate, especially considering it's coming from our very own, Mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino himself:

    What do you think?


  • Miracles of Modern Science Kill it with 'Get Lucky' Cover.

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    We recently saw these guys perform live at the Red Room and we wish we had brought more friends to experience their awesomeness...

  • Tumblr Tuesday: Arrested Westeros

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    Ever wonder what it would be like to mash up Arrested Development and Game of Thrones? Well, wonder no more.

    Lindsay: Well, you and I have different management styles. I believe work should be fun, and you try to crush people’s spirits.

    Staff Infection - 1x15

    Lucille: What’s Spanish for “I know you speak English?"

    Making a Stand - 3x08

    Michael: What have we always said is the most important thing?
    George Michael: Breakfast.
    Michael: Family.

    Pilot - 1x01

    See more of Arrested Westeros here.

  • Allstate: Good Life Anthem

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    Agency: Leo Burnett

    Who said the 'anthem ad' is dead? Nice work, Leo Burnett.

  • Paul Revere For Fiat: 'The British Are Coming-- No, Wait...'

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    This hits close to home, no? Even just a little? Whatever, we like it.

  • Two Thousand and Thirteen Stripes

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    Austin design entrepreneurs UnderConsideration have a new initiative they are calling UC.Prints. The first run of posters commemorates American Independence Day 2013 with a clever puzzle involving the flag.

    See images here, and get one while they last here.

  • Creative Work Wanted for New Build at Austin Airport

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    Attention creative people. According to Culture Map, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is expanding, and Art in Public Places (AIPP) is looking to keep the new section weird with designs and artwork.

    They are placing a national call to commission a professional. This is not a small time pro-bono project. This is a chance to make a mark and earn some well deserved recognition.

    AIPP is hosting an information session for anyone interested. The meeting will be at 2:30pm on Monday, June 17, and will be simulcast as an interactive webinar. Check in with AIPP during their office hours for assistance.

    Check out the Culture Map article here.

  • Tumblr Tuesday: Obama is Checking Your Email

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    Here you go, Alarmists...

    Look, he even does it offline:

    You can check out the rest of the Obama is Checking Your Email Tumblr here.

    Hey, you guys remember the PATRIOT Act, right?

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