‘Subway Therapy’ Asks Us to Think Positive and Share


By / / Just in time for Thanksgiving… This past weekend we came across this at the Harvard T Station:

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Over 2500 post-its. Small act. Big Impact. <3 #subwaytherapyboston #loveboston

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We’re not going to comment on the current national political climate, but we are going to comment on the brilliance, especially in its simplicity, of this crowd-sourced “campaign” to encourage and drive positivity through the general public—in this case, MBTA commuters. We’re fans. So far, we’ve determined Kayla M, Jing Wu, Grand Master E, and Venita Subramanian to be the perpetrators of #SubwayTherapyBoston. Well, ladies, we thank you—for the simple act of brightening our day. We could all really use that from time to time, don’t you think? See more by clicking on the hashtag: #SubwayTherapyBoston