New Interactive Sculpture Syncs Up With And Visualizes Your Heartbeat.


By / / Photo by Mike Diskin Brazilian artist Anaisa Franco created the interactive sculpture currently on display at The Street in Chestnut Hill. Molded after the shape of a human heart, the sculpture seats three and can sync up with the rhythm of visitors’ heartbeats via finger pulse sensors. Neon lights then light up corresponding to the rhythm of their pulse. See for yourself in this video from its initial installation in Sydney, Australia: The sculpture will be at The Street until April 25. Then the piece will move to other locations throughout the summer, including MarketStreet Lynnfield in May, Derby Street Shoppes in June, Legacy Place in July, and the Boston Seaport in August. Visitors are encouraged to post photos to social media with the tag #heartbeatBOS as they answer the question, “What makes your heart beat?” Go check it out. Via