Have You Met… The Good Ones?


By / / The Good Ones curate social events in the Boston-area with the purpose of connecting the best and brightest in the Hub. They are committed “to create a community that is meaningfully connected, and to feed [Boston’s growth] by synergizing its highest-impact people.” What are these events like, you ask? Well, have a look for yourself: This month they are hosting a hand-selected group of founders, executives, journalists, entertainers, students, creatives, mentors and mentees who care about personal and professional branding. Waitasec, aren’t YOU into “personal and professional branding”, too? Well, if you’re also into design, macarons and caricatures, tonight’s event in Harvard Square may be right up your alley. UPDATE: How about doughnuts and tarts, you into those? Well then, check this out. Learn more about The Good Ones and how you can get involved here. Via