Ever Notice the Artwork on the Trillium Brewing Labels?


By / / photo by Kevin Cimo Well, you should. The beer is the brainchild of local brewer JC Tetreault and designer Kevin Cimo (also current associate creative director at Hill Holliday). And the methodology behind the branding of Trillium is no accident. “We want to make sure our beer and our brand feels like it has been around for a while, but still has a current interpretation,” Tetreault reveals in a recent Boston Magazine feature. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t being too gimmicky with things either, just more of a refined approach, you could say. Also, we want everything to be hand-drawn to match the handcrafted nature of our beers. That element is consistent throughout our products.” In the piece, Tetreault and Cimo go into the stories behind the detailed artwork and design of the labels below. As Tetreault simply puts it, “no funny names, no cartoons, and no unnecessary puns.” The results of that philosophy speak for themselves: For the complete story and more artwork, check out the original feature here.