Let’s Try This: Leave a Ninja-Book-Gift in a Public Place


By / / Have you ever gone to the beach and wished you had brought something good to read? Have you ever wondered then how many people run into the same predicament? Well, next time you do go to the beach, here’s something you can do: 1) Bring a good book you’re willing to part with. 2) Write down what you and your “gift” are trying to accomplish in the book. 3) Now leave the book and just walk away, like a ninja. Photos courtesy of Jelena Woehr Lastly, of course, you hope that someone does the same and passes it on… And yeah, we know beach season is winding down, but there are definitely other public places this little experiment/random act of kindness can be executed (i.e. coffee shop, bus stop, subway, etc.) So, worth a try, no? Thanks to our friends over at GOOD for the idea.