Do You Want a Bronze Statue of Robin Williams in the Public Garden?


By / / Since news broke of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams’s passing last week, people have been flocking to the Boston Public Garden where this pivotal scene from Good Will Hunting took place: From leaving flowers, miscellaneous trinkets and memorabilia to quoting from his most popular films in chalk, people have gathered to this unassuming wooden bench by the lagoon to memorialize the man: photo by Jaclyn Newns photo by Jaclyn Newns photo by Pope Carlos Now, people are petitioning for a more permanent solution: a bronze statue of Williams’s Good Will Hunting character Dr. Sean Maguire staring out at the pond as he did during the delivery of his monologue in the film. So, what do you think? Should we do it? You can sign the petition here or get in touch with the Friends of the Public Garden here. Your move, chief. Via