That Rolling Stone Cover: Worth the Trouble?


By / / So, as you know, Rolling Stone magazine broke the internet by publishing this cover for their August issue, and inciting some strong reaction from folks who care: We are all for freedom of the press and freedom of speech here at the Egotist. But more than anything, we are big supporters of the heroes, victims and survivors of that fateful in April. So is the controversy caused by this cover worth the trouble? Or the coverage and attention it’s been getting? Or the energy people have been spending to contemplate, react and then voice their violent disapproval of it? Is this another case of sensationalism trumping journalism? Was it on purpose? Did RS expect the backlash? In any case, we wanted to feature one of those responses to the magazine cover; it is particularly articulate, especially considering it’s coming from our very own, Mayor Tom “Mumbles” Menino himself: What do you think? Via.