Remee: The REM Enhancing Eyemask


By / / From Bitbanger Labs: Remee (The REM Enhancing Eyemask) is a specialized sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams. The key to Lucid Dreaming is recognizing when you’re dreaming. That’s where Remee can help. Inside what looks like a normal sleep mask is a microcontroller. Towards the end of your sleep cycles, when your REM sleep is longest and dreams are most vivid, Remee flashes a series of customizable, recognizable light patterns via six rear facing LEDs. The lights can be customized by pattern, intensity, and duration. When these customized patterns play during a dream, they can appear as visual anomalies in your dream, helping the dreamer recognize the fact that they are dreaming, and become lucid. Once lucid, you can begin controlling the world around you. Don’t you wish you got this in your stocking this Christmas?