Do You Still Need To Decide Your Side?


By / / Kansas-city based advertising agency Barkley knows many voters are still on the fence, so they created this funny, light-hearted poll – on the premise that if you can make these simple choices, you can also vote for the president – to help voters with their big decision today. Time is running out so experience it here for yourself. How does it work? Barkley’s Decide Your Side poll provides partakers with a mix of culturally relevant choices between vanilla or chocolate, iPhone or Android, Shaven or Not Shaven, and so on. The poll compares the choices of the people who take it to that of the full audience and draws a conclusion of which candidate that voter is most likely to support (i.e. – if you like Vanilla, Android devices and Booze – you will most likely vote for Romney). And of course, you can choose to share with your social media circle at the end of the poll – the new “I Voted” sticker, if you will. So, what are you waiting for?