Have You Tried The New Springpad Yet?


By / / Yesterday, Boston-based Springpad launched its latest iteration. And the consensus among fans right now seems to be, “Watch out, Evernote and Pinterest…” So what makes the now visually-based, image-driven Springpad different from Pinterest? According to co-founder and business development VP Jeff Janer, “We want to form active micro-communities that revolve around particular interests. Pinterest is focused on inspiration that may lead to a transaction, but there’s not really any collaboration there.” Springpad’s addition of many more layers of contextual information makes the service into a more sophisticated social collaboration tool. Oh, and fun fact – Mullen stalwart Edward Boches is Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member for the startup. So, are you on Springpad yet? What do you think? You can follow all the latest from The Springpad Team on Twitter. Via.