Reebok + CrossFit: Who Is The Fittest On Earth?


By / / Ever heard of CrossFit? Well, we here at The Egotist are fans of this fitness training program. Local affiliate CrossFit Fenway puts it this way:

[CrossFit] is high-octane small-group personal training. This is millionaire results at bargain prices. This is constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. This is the finest 15 minutes of your day.
Well, this year Canton-based Reebok sponsored the CrossFit Games, an event that started in the spring and culminated in a three-day finals competition for the “world’s fittest athlete” just this past weekend in Carson, CA. Why does all this matter? Besides the fact that Boston just got another helping of bragging rights – with local affiliate CrossFit New England winning it all in the team competition and Pembroke, Mass. native Stacey Kroon finishing 15th as “Fittest Athlete on Earth”? Well, this is a huge coup for Reebok. Because CrossFit is just getting bigger and bigger everyday (it has grown from 18 affiliated gyms in 2005 to about 1,700 in 2010). But more importantly, this kind of sponsorship and association brings about this kind of branded work: Not bad, right? Speaking of not bad, Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir are the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games champions, by the way. Congrats to all athletes competing in the Games. And to Reebok.