X-Men: A Period Piece Perspective On Style.


By Egotist / / Would you call them the Classy X-Men or the Mad X-Men? That’s “mad” as in Mad Men. And that’s “classy” as in X-Men: First Class, opening in theaters everywhere today. We all know attention to detail is important. And such attention is in full display in director Matthew Vaughn’s take on the popular Marvel Comics movie franchise. In a recent GQ feature, costume designer Sammy Sheldon discusses the style influences, from Emma Peel in The Avengers to Sean Connery’s James Bond, that helped shape the look of this latest incarnation of our favorite band of merry mutants. Looks such as: The White Queen, played by January Jones Azazel, played by Jason Flemyng The First Class of X-Men See more of Sammy Sheldon’s handiwork and his take on each character here. And for more retro takes on the X-Men, check out our previous posts here and here.