• Cumbies & The Hoff are Thirsty for Love.

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    That's right. This spot comes to you, locally, from our friends over at Full Contact. Just thought you should know.

  • WANTED: Teddy Bear For Agency Award Theft.

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    Have you seen this bear? He stole NAIL's Ad Age Small Agency of the Year (Northeast) Award.

    Anywho, congrats, you guys.

    Good luck finding that bear...

  • NAIL Frees An Intern.

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    Not too long ago, NAIL was named one of the best places to work in RI. In light of such recognition, they decided to free one of their interns.

    Now, wasn't that nice of them?

  • NOW HIRING: Simon Pearce is Looking for a Creative Director.

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    Simon Pearce in Windsor, VT is looking for a Creative Director. Check out this full-time opportunity now.

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Aaron Mickelson: Disappearing Product Packaging Can Help Solve Our Waste Problem

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    THESIS: If companies created disappearing packaging for popular products, the US could cut down on about 140 billion pounds of product packaging waste generated every year.

    For Example:

    SOAP - the bar is contained in what is usually a heavy paper carton that is rendered useless as soon as the soap bar is removed, wasting 7 grams of paper per package. This results in 3,950 pounds of waste per shipping truck.

    The Solution: Water-soluble Soap Boxes

    TRASH BAGS - brand identity and marketing material are printed on a heavy-weight paperboard box that holds the roll of bags. This box is used (somewhat unsuccessfully) as a dispenser, until it is eventually trashed. This packaging creates 49 grams of paper waste, about 3,334 pounds of waste per truck.

    The Solution: Print Directly on the Roll of Bags

    TEA BAGS - as they’re sold now, they are stapled to a paper handle at the end of a string, wrapped in a waxed paper folder, stacked with other folders in a heavy paperboard box and then sealed in plastic. The outermost layer of plastic is thrown away immediately, the box when all of the tea has been used. This wastes 15 grams of paper and 2 grams of plastic, equaling 2,646 pounds per truck.

    The Solution: Tear & Use Tea Bags

    To see more packaging solutions from Aaron Mickelson's Pratt Institute Senior Thesis, check out The Disappearing Package here.


  • That Rolling Stone Cover: Worth the Trouble?

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    So, as you know, Rolling Stone magazine broke the internet by publishing this cover for their August issue, and inciting some strong reaction from folks who care:

    We are all for freedom of the press and freedom of speech here at the Egotist. But more than anything, we are big supporters of the heroes, victims and survivors of that fateful in April. So is the controversy caused by this cover worth the trouble? Or the coverage and attention it's been getting? Or the energy people have been spending to contemplate, react and then voice their violent disapproval of it?

    Is this another case of sensationalism trumping journalism? Was it on purpose? Did RS expect the backlash?

    In any case, we wanted to feature one of those responses to the magazine cover; it is particularly articulate, especially considering it's coming from our very own, Mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino himself:

    What do you think?


  • Miracles of Modern Science Kill it with 'Get Lucky' Cover.

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    We recently saw these guys perform live at the Red Room and we wish we had brought more friends to experience their awesomeness...

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