• Free Donut Day TODAY.

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    Sometimes the best campaigns are all about giving away "free" stuff.

    Thank you, Dunkin' Donuts.

  • Coupe Farts. Everyone Listens.

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    Recently, Boulder’s Coupe Studios challenged Egotist readers to pose sound questions via Twitter in preparation for their new “Ideas. Amplified.” campaign from gyro’s Denver office. The crowd-sourcing initiative launches today (you'll see it over there on the right) and features original animated soundscapes by Coupe, animated visuals by gyro AD and resident doodle maestro, Rob Lewis, and questions submitted by Egotist readers. Writer Ricky Lambert and ECD Cameron Day pitched in on the concept, along with Coupe’s multi-faceted sound designers and composers. Credit for the twittered questions appear in each banner. Tweet your question today for consideration in future banners — the weirder, the better.

  • So About That Mike & Ike Breakup...

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    Looks like it's for real. You know how Mike wants to make music now? Well...

    Agency: Nail

  • New Balance Minimus: Connect More

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    Here's some new work from our friends over at Arnold:

    Are they taking aim at the efforts of the other local footwear company in town? We think so... And we like it.

  • Gap: "Be Your Own T" Billboard Installation

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    So we saw a new billboard that pretty much looks like this going up by the MassPike yesterday (we were Westbound and tried taking a pic, but quickly discovered trying to do so in a moving vehicle at 75 mph wasn't gonna work):

    Initially, we thought that Gap was going for a local tie-in to the T, but it looks like that was just incidental. Oh well. Still, we like it.

    Made us wonder though, especially with the crappy weather we've been having, what happens when it rains?

  • To Tebow or Not To Tebow...

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    Paul Pierce, your nickname is The Truth. So please, no more of this tonight:

    We know you're more creative than that...


  • SCA-LA-BRI-NE! SCA-LA-BRI-NE! To the Rescue...

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    No injury is funny (sorry, Derrick Rose and Chicago fans). But if you, like us, loved (liked a little?) Brian Scalabrine when he was with the Celtics, you gotta love this:


  • Move Like You're Meant To.

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    So recently, a member of our staff tore up his calf muscle doing CrossFit (and he swears it was his fault, not CrossFit's). And now he has go through at least 6 weeks of rehab and physical therapy. This place seems like a great place to go for that:

    Don't you think?

    Nice work, Nail.

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