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We don’t “invent” brands at BlackDog; we excavate and humanize relevant brands that have a story to tell, focused priorities, and a genuine contribution to make. We don’t fabricate myths and we don’t contrive hype. We partner with enlightened organizations that see their vocation as a service and community as a passion. Through thoughtful investigations BlackDog uncovers truths that challenge perceptions, define distinctions that make the difference, and identify what others have not. We characterize the working culture that brings the brand to life through their collective contributions. We interpret the “big idea” that expresses the organization's reason for existence. We go beyond industry myopia, deeper than advertising, and avoid rhetoric to ensure that your organizational strengths and innovations are operationalized for extraordinary customer experiences. Cohesive brand attributes are expressed as unique and matchless in a relevant story that is plainly understood and not easily mimicked. We have evolved a disciplined method for authentic brand interpretation that balances spunk, classic schools of wisdom, research, intuition, collaboration, innovation, insight, micro & macro trends, analytics, and good old fashioned rumination …because the best ideas emerge when you give the big idea a little ‘room’ to pop! BlackDog practitioners are committed to creating livelihoods that pursue knowledge, engage the senses, inspire meaning, cultivate connections, and press the limits. We advance the purpose, chase the vision, and promote the strategic advantages of outstanding organizations that expend more effort being good than trying to look good. BlackDog develops bold brand and marketing initiatives for courageous companies that don’t want to be confused for ordinary.


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Boston, MA and Buffalo, NY


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