• Mullen Breaks First Spot for FAGE Yogurt

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    From the press release:“We are excited to debut FAGE’s first television advertising in the North American marketplace,” said Russell Evans, Director of Marketing at FAGE USA. “We believe the creative expression of the Total brand is powerful and will resonate strongly with our brand loyalists and future customers.”


  • Possibly the Best Freelance Design Resource Ever

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    Local hero @getjustin has the only blog you will ever need again as a freelance designer:

    Putting the Free in Freelance

    You're welcome.

    What design resource could you not live without?

  • Heinz Unveils New Ketchup Packets

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    These new Heinz ketchup packets are #winning. (See what we did there with the Charlie Sheen reference?)

    Core77 has the full story here.
    A great example of designing for usability. Kudos, to the design team.

  • Tumblr Tuesday

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    Oh you Tumblr folk are so imaginative. It seems that every day there's another witty blog to bring the lols to our humdrum 9 to 5s.

    As your source of all things creative, it is our duty to showcase the best of the best in a new feature we'd like to call Tumblr Tuesday.

    We'd also like to propose a challenge: The first Boston agency to successfully capitalize on the Tumblr meme phenomena wins. Don't know what you will win exactly, but it will probably involve our praise and/or beer.

    Wheres Randy

    Today we salute Where's Randy Savage, a Tumblrblog that puts a Where's Waldo spin on the former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. Truthfully, we always wondered where he went after those Slim Jim spots went off the air...

    Bonus site:
    Sheen Dream

    So, this one isn't a Tumblr, but still deserves an honorable mention.
    I don't know if you heard, but Charlie Sheen has gone crazy. After his publicist quit, then got fired, Sheen took to the TV news circuit to set the record straight. He is not on any drugs ("except the drug called Charlie Sheen") and he is both "livin' the dream" and "winning." Not to let him go un-memed, the folks at LiveTheSheenDream.com have preserved his most memorable quotes for us to reference whenever we need a pick-me-up.

    Have a favorite Tumblr? Let us know in the comments and we may feature it on a future Tumblr Tuesday.

  • Digitas: "It Gets Better"

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    Digitas New York has just released a video for the It Gets Better project. It's a touching look at the LGBT community at Digitas and their message of hope for teenagers everywhere.

    Appropriately, Digitas was also named one of the BBJ's Best Places to Work in 2010.

  • FutureM is Back

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    MITX announced this morning that FutureM will be back Sept 12-16.

    "In 2010, FutureM attracted over 3,000 attendees to more than 50 events. According to MITX President Debi Kleiman, the excitement and energy of FutureM is a testament to the magnitude of the innovation economy here in Massachusetts. 'We look forward to seeing even more new collaborators, events and participants in 2011,' Kleiman adds.

    The call for event proposals will open in April 2011. Until then, FutureM is proud to announce six events that have already been accepted to participate:
    - Inbound Marketing Summit
    - HubSpot User Group Summit
    - CHANGE: Marketing Daily's Digital Transformation Summit, a Mediapost Live event
    - Boston Business Journal's CMO of the Year Awards
    - Massachusetts Innovation Nights
    - Web Innovator’s Group"

    It's great to see a trade association stepping out of the box and allowing agencies, design shops, and innovators alike to produce their own content under the MITX umbrella. In 2011, when "content is king," it's a smart move that will benefit us all. Keep your eye on FutureM, Boston.

  • Big Account Wins in Boston

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    It appears that congratulations are in order for both Arnold and Mullen.

    On Friday the BBJ announced that Mullen was awarded creative and media duties for Barnes and Noble.

    Yesterday we learned that Arnold was picked to handle Dell's SMB business.

    Cheers all around!

    With new accounts comes new recruits- so make sure you're showing off your cred in our Talent pool.

  • Minimalist Oscar Movie Posters.

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    See the rest here.


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