• There's Only One Way We Serve Our Whisky...

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    On the rocks. With Whisky Stones (see how we stayed away from the obvious pun there?) Straight from good ol' Vermont. Check it out:

    Find out more about Whisky Stones here.


  • What Facebook Brand Pages Are Good For...

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    Restoring faith in humanity, perhaps? OK, that may be a reach, but check this out –

    Spotted on the Marshalls (which is based just outside Boston) brand page wall on Facebook over the weekend was this posted comment:

    What else can we say?

    Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, all things considered.

  • Mass Pike Anti-Gun Violence Billboard Gets Newtown Update.

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    The Stop Handgun Violence billboard on the Massachusetts Turnpike was just redone in the wake of the shooting rampage on Dec. 14 in Newtown, CT. Twenty handprints were added to represent each child victim at Sandy Hook Elementary:


  • Labrinth - Express Yourself

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    This is on repeat in the office right now:

    Anything look familiar in the video? Think Fresh Prince and The Simpsons...

  • Get Your Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirts Here.

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    "I Still Love NY" and "Manhattan Blackout" were designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, whose studio was paralyzed after the hurricane. Unable to work and tired of watching the horrible disaster unfold on the news, Errazuriz decided to design something to help raise much-needed relief funds. This idea occurred to him after seeing the water line marked on the walls of the flooded galleries in New York’s Chelsea art district.

    The t-shirts are available for purchase at GREY AREA. 100% of the profit goes to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

    Here in Boston, copywriter Dylan Klymenko created 100 of these posters with pretty much the same idea as Errazuriz. They're available here.

    And you can find a list of other ways to help out here.


  • New App 'Fontly' Lets You Capture, Map & Explore the World of Vintage Typography.

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    Fontly is an iPhone, Android and web app for capturing, mapping, and exploring the world of vintage typography around us.

    The goal of Fontly is to collect and share found lettering all across the globe. To create a living, collaborative, digital archive filled with examples of unique type and signage that speak of a bygone era.

    Founded in August 2012 by Boston-based entrepreneur and designer Brendan Ciecko, Fontly aims to collect and share found lettering all across the globe. To create a living, collaborative, digital archive filled with examples of unique type and signage that speak of a bygone era. “Our users are taking photos of the world’s ghost signs, neon, architectural, foil lettering, hand-painted, and other typographical wonders. They’re helping to highlight and preserve this invaluable part of our visual heritage,” says Ciecko.

    Ciecko is obviously passionate about typography and architectural preservation. As an avid traveler, he would often photograph fading and historic signage in various cities and countries. He quickly realized that historic signs and lettering tell an important story about a city’s and community’s identity, but many are at risk of vanishing. This inspired him to develop a tool for users to document these visual aspects of our cultural heritage. With the Fontly app, Ciecko believes that everyone can play a role in preserving our collective visual history.

    So, wanna give it a try?

    For an extended, full-screen experience, check out http://www.font.ly to discover the community’s curated typography on Fontly’s interactive map.

  • The Boston Egotist Officially Endorses...

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    From last week, just about the cutest kids and the best Halloween costumes we've seen. Ever.

    What? The children are our future...

    Remember that when you VOTE TODAY.

  • A Friendly Reminder From Morgan Freeman.

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    If you don't listen to Morgan Freeman, who else are you gonna listen to?

    Well, if you prefer (you Deep Impact enthusiasts), here's President Beck:

    Remember to vote next Tuesday, Nov 6th.

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