• Planet Fitness: No Gymtimidation

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    Yeah, we were kind of bummed too when Newington, NH-based Planet Fitness took the business away from our friends over at Mullen last summer and gave it to Philly-based Red Tettemer... In any case, here's the new work, which we've been noticing a lot lately:

    You like?

  • 'They Didn't Tape Jesus to the Cross.'

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    Too soon?

    Are you offended? Send your complaints to our friends here.

  • Trailer Thursday: The Return of Mike & Ike

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    You know how Mike & Ike broke up? Well, look who's back together...

    So how did it all go down? Guess we'll find out:

    Agency: Nail

  • Overwhelmed...

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    It's been an interesting day for us in the office so far.

    Frankly, we've never really thought of ourselves as ones to buy into the whole Valentine's Day spirit and whatnot. But people have been noticeably extra cheery since this morning. Maybe because someone brought in heart-shaped doughnuts from Dunkie's. Or someone left heart-shaped chocolates on everyone's desks. Or there are just a lot of people walking around in red pants right now...

    Whatever the case, the day's activities thus far have led to someone bringing up this one song, which was, of course, first brought to our attention by this TV spot:

    And you know us and how we love our music around here, so we thought, we'd just share this with you today. As all this show of love and cheer has left us, well, you know...

    Happy Valentine's Day, all.

  • Happy Valentine Day.

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    Nope. That was not a typo. You remember Billy Ray, right?

    Courtesy of our favorite creative in the Red Sox front office.

  • Be Careful Out There, New England.

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    Stay safe!

  • There's Only One Way We Serve Our Whisky...

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    On the rocks. With Whisky Stones (see how we stayed away from the obvious pun there?) Straight from good ol' Vermont. Check it out:

    Find out more about Whisky Stones here.


  • What Facebook Brand Pages Are Good For...

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    Restoring faith in humanity, perhaps? OK, that may be a reach, but check this out –

    Spotted on the Marshalls (which is based just outside Boston) brand page wall on Facebook over the weekend was this posted comment:

    What else can we say?

    Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, all things considered.

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