• Miracles of Modern Science Kill it with 'Get Lucky' Cover.

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    We recently saw these guys perform live at the Red Room and we wish we had brought more friends to experience their awesomeness...

  • Paul Revere For Fiat: 'The British Are Coming-- No, Wait...'

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    This hits close to home, no? Even just a little? Whatever, we like it.

  • Someone Please Get Us Some Cronuts.

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    Damn right we also recognize creative excellence in the kitchen. Now, Dunkies, can you please get on this? Or better yet, any local bakery for that matter? We're looking at you, Flour.

    Happy National Doughnut Day!


  • For The One Fund: One Voice - 'Dirty Water'

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    To raise awareness for The One Fund, local musicians from the South Shore of Massachusetts gathered together to record their version of 'Dirty Water'.

    You can download the track here.


  • Bruins Come Back From 4-1 Deficit to Win Game 7 in OT.

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    Bruins 5, Maple Leafs 4. 'Nuff said.

    Agency: Mullen

    Don't poke the bear.

  • Before You Go Out Into the Real World...

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    If you live around Boston, we don't have to tell you that it's commencement season – the Hub doesn't have a reputation for being a "college town" for nothing. And so, to commemorate this momentous time of the year, and just to show you how geeky we really are over here at the Egotist, here are three of our top commencement speeches – all from the past decade or so:

    You know what, here are two more speeches you should really check out:

    There's something about the creativity and thoughtfulness that go into this kind of writing – and speaking (!) – that we just find fascinating and inspiring, in and of itself... We said we were geeky over here, didn't we?

    Do you have a favorite commencement speech you want to share? Post away on the comments section below.

  • Boston Magazine: We Will Finish The Race

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    Easily one of our favorite magazine covers. Ever.

    Here's an excerpt from the write-up by Boston Magazine Editor-In-Chief John Wolfson on how the cover and feature all came together:

    We initially settled on the idea of commissioning Marathon-related essays from a number of Boston writers, and then set about brainstorming ideas for illustrating that package of stories. Should we create a photo illustration of a runner’s bib in the shape of a heart? Should we photograph a tattered marathon olive wreath on a black background? Then our design director, Brian Struble, and deputy design director, Liz Noftle, came up with the concept of taking shoes worn during the marathon and arranging them so that the negative space is in the shape of a heart. For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, I knew as soon as I heard the idea that we had our concept—not just for the collection of essays, but also for the cover. In fact, I quickly realized that the stories of the runners who wore those shoes would be even more powerful than the essays we’d commissioned.

    Read more about it here.

    Copies of the May issue are on newsstands today. A poster, which will be sold to benefit The One Fund is already in the works. So stay tuned.

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