• Now Hiring: iPhone and iPad Developer - Svpply

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    Svpply is hiring a Senior Developer.

    If that's you, you should apply.

    Tell 'em The Boston Egotist sent you.

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  • Now Hiring: Senior Developer - Svpply

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    Svpply is hiring a Senior Developer.

    If that's you, you should apply.

    Tell 'em The Boston Egotist sent you.

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • New England's Most Powerful Brands of 2010

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    Who are you working with?

    Check it out.

  • Check Yourself

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    Arnold just released this pro-bono campaign for Self Chec. The "Felt by Millions” campaign carries the line that reads, "Love yourself first" and encourages people to get in the habit of regular self-checks for breast and testicular cancer.

    Apparently the imagery was inspired by a picture of Iggy Pop on stage with his hand down his pants.

    “The concept behind the ‘Felt by Millions’ campaign is powerful and simple,” said Pete Favat, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Arnold Worldwide’s Boston office. “Use arresting visuals and tone to raise awareness about self examinations. You can tell someone repeatedly they need to be proactive about their health and they still won’t take it seriously. We intentionally designed this campaign to create buzz and shock the public into action. Our hope is that this campaign will be felt by millions, and in turn, those millions will feel themselves for early detection.”

    Fine, fine job, folks.

    Check out a few more executions here.


  • Doritos Temptation

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    Impro Asylum created a spot for Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" contest.

    They didn't win. Sorry, guys.

  • Good Print

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    The Regional Design Annual, now in its 30th year, is the most comprehensive survey of graphic design in the United States, and the only design competition organized by geography.

    See a few standouts from the east coast below or see all the recognized work here.

    Agency: Arnold Worldwide
    Client: STEMTech Alliance

    Agency: Nail
    Client: Lobster.com

    Art Director/Designer: Michaela Sullivan, Illustrator: Christopher Silas
    Client: Book cover for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • No Dibs

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    In the winter months, when the snow starts to fall, Bostonians can get pretty territorial over their street parking. Driving around, you'll see a lot of random junk in the street where people have shoveled out a spot and left something there to call "dibs." Personally, we're of the no-dib-calling platform. We've moved more chairs, trash cans, pieces of plywood, saw horses and old TV's from the streets of Boston in order to free up a parking space than we can recall.

    We saw from our friends over at The Chicago Egotist that agency, Proximity has taken a stand against parking spot dib-callers with Chair Free Chicago, including the poster below.

    Question: Why doesn't something like this exist in Boston? It's great.

    You can download one of the Chair Free Chicago posters here, but wouldn't it be cool to have our own?

  • Connelly Partners Acquires Fort Franklin

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    Huge news. Connelly Partners has acquired Fort Franklin.

    The big buy now caps off Connelly at 65 employees with more than $9 million in annual revenue. Fort Franklin brings clients like Danversbank, WellPet and Stowe Mountain Resort to the table.

    Marc Gallucci, founder and Creative Director at Fort Franklin, will work at Connelly Partners in the role of Chief Innovation Officer. They will be dropping the "Fort Franklin" name.

    “Best in class people, fabulous clients, an earned reputation for excellence and edge, this is a home run for Connelly Partners.” said Steve Connelly, President of Connelly Partners. “Marc Gallucci and I have known each other for too many years than either of us cares to admit. We share the same personal definition of “great”. Fort Franklin clients and Connelly Partners’ clients will both be the beneficiaries of the increased depth, scale and energy now conveniently living together at 46 Waltham Street.”

    “I have always admired the culture of Connelly Partners and we are thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant and fast growing organization. This acquisition allows me to buy a yacht and two gold-plated helicopters, much needed transportation now that I have moved out to the western suburbs.” Said Marc Gallucci Founder / Creative Director of Fort Franklin. “My new role as Chief Innovation Officer will be to develop new media opportunities (Like Tauntr.com) for our clients and the agency, it’s something we did every day at Fort Franklin and I am very excited to lead a focused effort at a larger company.”

    The acquisition of Fort Franklin finds Connelly Partners’ as having had their most successful year ever. Throughout 2010 they went five for five in major pitches that brought solid growth. Good things to come from Connelly Partners, we're sure.

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