• Now Hiring: Infographics Designer - SocialSphere, Inc.

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    Check out this freelance position now:

    SocialSphere, Inc. in Cambridge needs an Infographics Designer.

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  • 51st Annual Hatch Awards Roundup.

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    Fall's upon us, and with Halloween just around the corner, that can only mean one thing in the Boston ad scene – The Ad Club is honoring our best and brightest in the annual Hatch Awards show. And the event held at the Seaport World Trade Center certainly didn't disappoint. Commemorating 51 years of recognizing Hub-based creative excellence, Hatch's theme this year was "Area 51" – complete with elaborate, secret-military-base-inspired set-pieces, neon glow stick lighting and even a virtual alien co-host to veteran presenter John Verret.

    When it came down to the presentation of those iconic Hatch bowls, it wasn't a surprise that the usual suspects – Arnold, Mullen and Hill Holiday – cleaned up. Of course, not too far behind was this year's Ad Age Best Place To Work, Allen & Gerritsen. But it was Mullen's "You Above All" campaign for client JetBlue that took home the night's Best of Show honors. Check it out:

    Brad Baker, CMO of Zildjian received Marketer of the Year honors, while up-and-coming copywriter Lawrence O'Toole of KSV was recognized with the Just Hatched award.

    With over 1,000 submissions in over 70 categories, 358 Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were presented by night's end. So our most sincere congratulations and admiration go out to all the winners. You make Boston proud. Keep up the great work. And hope to see you again – and some new faces – next year...

    For additional coverage, check out what our friends over at BostInnovation had to say.

  • Arrested Development + Ben & Jerry's = New Ice Cream Flavor

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    Arrested Development is coming back on TV?! Well, let's have some ice cream to celebrate!

    Brought to us by local designer Jon Defreest, here's more from the same series of spec product designs:


  • Now Hiring: Motion Design/Graphics Producer - Accomplice/Toil

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    Check out this freelance position now:

    Accomplice/Toil right here in Boston is looking for a Motion Design/Graphics Producer.

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  • Now Hiring: Digital Designer / Art Director - FORGE in Back Bay

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    Check out this full-time position now:

    FORGE in the Back Bay is looking for a Digital Designer / Art Director.

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  • Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline.

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    Originally posted by Eric Leist, who is based right here in Boston and calls a&g home.

  • A Southern Print Shop North of Mason & Dixon's.

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    There's something to be said about our "craft" – of putting words and pictures together to get messages and ideas out there into the world – and how in this fast-paced digital age, there's a certain mystique, romance and care that may or may not have gone missing.

    So, leave it to two Southern transplants who do digital by day (at Arnold & SapientNitro) to slow things down and go analog "to make things that connect people to places."

    How exactly? Well, with a longing for their home down South, they started Old Try and began making letterpress posters the old-fashioned way – "on old machines with moveable type and wood blocks, just like what would have been used a hundred years ago."

    And from what we've seen so far, we can only hope they stay in Boston and just keep writing these "love letters" home.

  • Kostas Seremetis at Fourth Wall Project.

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    "I create contemporary fine art using iconic characters from pop culture, from Rock 'n' Roll, film, comics and classic cartoons, " says Boston native Kostas Seremetis. "I don't feel paintings are individuals, they feel more like a group or gang... which explains why I repeat icons or images in different mediums and situations, to better amplify the body of work."

    Seremetis started his art career in local nightclubs and coffee shops in the early nineties (ex: Other Side Cafe, Axis/Avalon). He then moved to NY in 1996, where he still resides, and held his first New York Solo Show in 1997 (Mary Anthony Gallery). His work is collected worldwide, and he counts some heavyhitters as fans (and customers), such as Ian Astbury of THE CULT, who declared Kostas as "the Rauschenberg of our generation," and Darren Aronofsky who calls Kostas "an exceptional artist."

    The exhibition runs through Sunday, October 23rd, 2011.

    Fourth Wall Project
    132 Brookline Ave. Boston MA

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