• Play Tetris on a T-Shirt.

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  • Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth.

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    So, in the beginning, there was this Creative...

    Originally posted by Mike Lacher on McSweeney's, this has been making the rounds, and we just wanted to make sure you got a chance to check it out if you haven't yet.

    Now, is this really how you'd give feedback to Someone who can smite you?

  • Diesel + i-D: The A To Z Of Dance

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    To promote their new Jogg jeans, Diesel teamed up with i-D and director Jacob Sutton to produce this little gem:


  • Tumblr Thursday: Guys with Zooey Deschanel's Eyes

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    Here is Zooey Deschanel:

    And here are guys with Zooey Deschanel's eyes:

    Yep. Incredibly disturbing, yet amazing. See more here.


  • Trailer Thursday: Dumb and Dumber To

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  • 30 Weeks: The New Experimental Design School Backed by Google, Parsons & Pratt

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    So what do we get when a powerhouse team of New York design schools — Parsons, Pratt, School of Visual Arts, and The Cooper Union — in collaboration with education company Hyper Island and Google decide to start a new design program in Dumbo, Brooklyn? Well, this:

    The 30-week program, akin to a cross between a traditional school and a startup incubator, will take students through a series of crash courses in business, engineering, and product design, while a prestigious collection of designers, engineers, CEOs, and venture capitalists make appearances along the way to offer lessons they’ve learned in the field.

    Founder-in-Residence Vivian Rosenthal, founder-designer of augmented reality photography app Snaps, explains: “It’s a different model than what we have in America, where you go to school for two to four years and end up in hundreds of thousands in debt, and you don’t leave in the position of leadership to run a company.”

    Students at 30 Weeks will pay $10,000 to attend (though some scholarships will be available). Applications for the inaugural session in September 2014 are now being accepted.

    Apply here.


  • Parking Signs Are Design Projects, Too.

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    It's not every day that parking signs really catch our eyes, now is it? They did, though, when we were in NYC not too long ago. But that may be due more to the fact that we're design dorks and we notice these kinds of things... Oh well. Have a look for yourselves:

    Not bad, right? Maybe those babies would help ease, even just a little bit, the parking nightmare that is our Boston streets, no?

    Well, guess who did them. That's right, no design project is too small or too... pedestrian (pun not intended) for branding giant Pentagram.

  • With all this tech about, is the big idea 'no idea'? Aussie CDs discuss. *May contain irony.

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    Are we thinking stuff through too much? What if we just chucked a load of tech together and let the public pick the bones out of it. And besides, there's just no room for an idea in amongst the live-streaming 3D-printed QR codes being delivered by a quad-copter.

    Starring a galaxy of creative stars from Down Under, this is of course a spoof that sets the stage for the Creative Fuel event in Sydnay at the end of July.

    The point is valid though. Increasingly tech can come first and the idea a distant second - if at all. It's a watchout for everyone: yes, technology can augment an idea but not replace it. Ideally it's invisible, working bits magic behind the scenes, letting the big thought land without interference or hoop-jumping.

    Find out more about the Creative Fuel event >

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